VSOW Mission

Why we do what we do and where this leads

VSOW Mission


What is a Mission?

A mission is a statement of the organization’s fundamental philosophy and desired future state. It is an expression of the organization’s desires and intentions.

1. Total Participation is Needed for Improvement
It is important for everyone in a business to participate so the company can grow and get better. Management is responsible to run the business, but the actual operational work is performed by employees. If the management system is a one-way, top-down style, activities become stifled and the business less creative and competitive.
Communication must go both ways between management and workers. When everyone has the same goal (working together with a shared purpose), the business gets better, makes more money, and generates cash.

2. Create a Quality Work Environment
Businesses with a policy of treating their employees with respect and appreciation are rewarded with a vitalized and competitive workforce. When VSOW methods and tools are applied, the business goes from a predictable, mediocre “workplace” to a vital, energetic hub of creativity. People spend more than one third of their lives at work. They seek vocations where accomplishments and service are combined with creativity and fellowship in a two-way system of work. Work becomes more than just a job. Work becomes a meaningful life.

3. The Ultimate Goal: Success for Everyone
Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. The possibilities are endless for business, employees, and customers when we join together to share information and decision-making. The VSOW method and tools have a proven history of success and make it possible to meet the ultimate goal of a win-win for all involved.

Inspired by QC Circle Koryo: General Principles of the QC Circle, QC Circle
Headquarters, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), 1980

The mission of a business is what helps it navigate uncertainty and make solid decisions.  It is not the circumstances alone – or even primarily – that drives the decisions and direction of the business, but rather a determination to work toward a goal, an ideal.

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