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We at VSOWTM are pleased to announce the release of the newest book!

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People, Processes, and Projects – Leverage the 3Ps to Stabilize, Sustain, and Scale Your Business gives a backdrop to the Visual System of WorkTM (VSOWTM ), underscoring respect for people, and the impact of VSOW – getting better fast, making money, and generating cash.  It lays out the elements required to create an environment where people love to come to work and where business owners can step out from under the clouds of difficulty, uncertainty, and frustration into the sunlight of hope.

The VSOW Mission (introduced in the Visual System of Work Toolkit book) and its important aspects are reviewed — participation, work environment, and shared success – as well as how these are aided with the VSOW guiding principles.  Environment, Time, and Resource Domains, with their development, principles, and examples give a framework and context for improvement within a business.  Each of the VSOW Tools (outlined in detail in the Visual System of Work Toolkit book) is given context within the domains to make them easier to apply.

An important aspect of environment is transparency, and an important aspect of transparency includes the Break-Even Point in a business – “The Beginning of Winning.”  This is examined further in Chapter Two, explaining its use in positioning the business within the Time Domain: in which state is the business right now?  This and other methods to foster transparency are examined in the chapter including concepts used by the Great Game of Business.

Engaging Your People is explained from its development and through the use of VSOW Tool 2 – The Three Questions.  Engagement examples and inspiration from literature on quality improvement take the concept of focus on people in a business further.

Looking at processes, Larry Moore and his interaction with Dr. Deming gives insight into elements which helped Whirlpool and Miele to manage their processes by making them visible.

Projects are examined in Chapter Five by following the development and use of the Project Planning Sheet (5W2H) and its application.

In the Changing States chapter, the Time Domain is examined with respect to the states of Stabilizing, Sustaining, and Scaling in a business using a graphical depiction to introduce Control Zones.  These zones help businesses learn the importance of each stage; progression from Stabilizing to Sustaining must occur before Scaling the business. The Environment for the various States is examined to help determine where focus should be placed in each state.

This all serves as the foundation to understand the implementation of the VSOW Tools better, making it a powerful compliment to The Visual System of Work Toolkit book. Employees will discover how to run the business better, make more money, and generate cash, sharing in the success of the business from a personal and professional perspective.

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