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A short background of the Visual System of work and how it came into being.

A Short History

The Visual System of WorkTM was developed by David T. Lord starting in the early 1990’s.  David worked for the American Supplier Institute (ASI) in Dearborn, Michigan and other companies to develop quality systems and training to implement these systems.  He then branched out to work with companies to achieve quality certifications and eventually more broadly to improve their businesses.  David was later exposed to the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and other principles to support and extend what he was already doing.

In the course of working with many different customers, David began developing simple tools to assist the process, diverging from trends which made TOC more complicated or utilized systems like LEAN or Six-Sigma – which required extensive training and investment to implement – and often produced meager results.

David then wrote his first book in 2013, entitled The Visual System of Work, which provided context and detail of the 8 tools he used at that time.  The Visual System of Work now consists of 12 tools and also utilizes other auxiliary tools to support.


VSOWTM is represented in the US and in Europe.  The VSOWTM has been implemented since 1994 in the United States and more recently in the German-speaking nations (DACH).  Virtual implementations can be conducted throughout the world.

David T. Lord

David T. Lord

Founder and President

David is the founder and developer of the Visual System of WorkTM and has been using it since the early 1990’s.  David has developed methods but more importantly results with client companies from many different industries.  David lives in Michigan and has been active with VSOWTM throughout the US.

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