Visual System of Work


The VSOWTM Approach

Stabilize, Sustain, and Scale your business


Alignment, Transparency and Accountability




Employees are stabilized through clear organizational structure, procedures and a structured task matrix

Processes are stabilized using a System of Work diagram and procedures

Projects are stabilized using planning sheets, System of Work diagram, procedures and matrices for tasks, time usage and meetings 

Employees are sustained through processes and work instructions, task matrices and meeting matrices to keep on track.

Processes are sustained using the System of Work and the Scoreboard to monitor performance

Projects are sustained using project planning sheets, as well as the time- and meeting matrices

Employees can scale with the direction of the strategic planning sheet using the project planning sheet and meeting matrix to guide and the Throughput Improvement Plan to facilitate breakthroughs

Processes can scale using the direction of the System of Work, monitoring of the scoreboard and the task matrices and Throughput Improvement Plan as the lever to breakthroughs

Projects are stabilized using planning sheets, System of Work diagram, procedures and matrices for tasks, time usage and meetings 


VSOWTM was designed to be simple.  Business processes can often be complicated enough without employing complex methods to analyze it.  VSOWTM uses 12 simple tools to assist the process of improving businesses of different sizes, structures and industries.

David T. Lord’s VSOWTM Toolkit book explains the tools in detail, including testimonies of clients and their experience using these tools.

Engage Your Employees

Give employees a clear view of the business – 0rganizationally, operationally and financially.  Help them understand easily how the business works and engage them to observe the business and help guide it to stability and growth.

Use simple, proven tools to quickly give team members better tools and a new level of excitement about making improvements in the business.

Make Your Processes Visible

Show easily how your business works, the inter-relations between business functions and what is important in keeping the business stable and to make improvements.

The simple VSOW tools provide a level of transparency in the workings of the company so that employees can work smarter, making their observations more effective in producing improvements

Complete Projects On-Time

Support team members with structure and tools to complete projects on-time starting with a project planning sheet placed in the context of the System of Work and supported by task matrices, work instructions and meeting and time matrices.

With these elements in place and working, the Scoreboard measures progress while the Throughput Improvement Process gives leverage and direction for the project to drive toward not just on-time completion but effective results.

Increase Your Profits

Beginning with a Break-Even Snapshot to establish the business baseline for profitability, decisions can be quickly made using simple Throughput Accounting principles to orient projects toward results in increasing throughput.  Increases in throughput will produce more powerful results than intensive cost-cutting measures, and will give the broader team leverage to make changes that matter.

Using the Scoreboard together with the Throughput Improvement Plan managers can easily see how the business is responding to project implementation on the path toward higher profitability.

Start Using VSOWTM

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